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trailer break: ‘Step Up 3D’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

Is this the wrongest use of 3D ever? It might be. Not that I totally can’t wait to get that one guy’s elbow in my face. Cuz that’s gonna be cool.

I love how the trailer tells us that this is from director Jon M. Chu, like that means something. His only previous work of any note whatsoever is Step Up 2: The Streets. It’s not like he’s Martin Scorsese or James Cameron, where people are going, “Oo, that dude’s got a new movie?” Or have fans of Step Up 2: The Streets decided Chu is some sort of auteur who deserves worship no matter what he does? If Chu made a black-and-white three-hour epic about Latvian glassblowers, would all those Step Up 2: The Streets devotees flock to it because it’s from director Jon M. Chu?

Step Up 3D opens in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. on August 6.

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  • gensing

    [quote]Is this the wrongest use of 3D ever?[/quote]

    Now, there’s a QotD – Can we suggest bad use of the technology? I challenge them to “Waiting for Godot 3D”

  • EnglerP

    I challenge them to “Waiting for Godot 3D”

    Flatland – The movie 3D

  • gensing

    Engler P … for the *win*. ;P

  • Orangutan

    Eraserhead 3D!

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