trailer break: ‘The Switch’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

Honey, I Fathered the Kid?

Hilarious and charming! What woman wouldn’t be won over to discover that the superstud she thought had inseminated her is actually the neurotic Nice Guy(TM) who could never be bothered to let her know that he “has feelings” for her? It’s every woman’s fantasy!

The Switch opens in the U.S. and Canada on August 20; no U.K. release date has been announced.

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Mon, Apr 05, 2010 2:24pm

And they wonder why people don’t go to see movies any more.

(I suppose it’s faintly encouraging that Jennifer Aniston is finally being allowed to look like a woman in her thirties, now that she’s reached forty.)

Mon, Apr 05, 2010 3:56pm

I hated him in Silver Spoons but he’s redeemed himself since Arrested Development.

and yeah we did get Silver Spoons in Ireland!

Mon, Apr 05, 2010 4:28pm

Looks like Oscar-bait compared to The Bounty Hunter.

Mon, Apr 05, 2010 8:02pm

At least the trailer seems somewhat cognizant about how messed up that is. That’s a higher level of awareness than I’m used to seeing in a romantic comedy.

Dosen’t change the fact that they’re still using it as the basis for a fucking romantic comedy. I also get the feeling that neuroses aren’t exactly genetic traits. =P

So, it seems like the girl is going to fall for the guy because she’s “known him” via mini-me for 5 years. Eew.

A more interesting movie would be to say “fuck genetic determinism”: kid is Nice Guy™’s, but grows up like Manly Man (original donor who soon after marries Jennifer’s character). Manly Man has to get over the idea of not being the genetic daddy, and realize being a good parent is more important. Mom realizes trying to integrate “Nice Guy™” into the family mix is Very Bad idea, and comes out with a stronger bond with her existing family. Nice Guy™ realizes his kid is a better person than he is, and grows the fuck up, finally moving on and getting out of the family’s life.

Right after the Flying Pigs pilot I’m working on.

Tonio Kruger
Tonio Kruger
Mon, Apr 05, 2010 9:48pm

Between this and the J.Lo flick, one has to wonder why anyone bothers to conceive a kid the old-fashioned way.

Yeah, yeah, I know. If you have to ask, you’re never going to know…

And incidentally, a Flying Pigs pilot sounds awesome…

Fri, Aug 06, 2010 7:58pm

As soon as I saw this trailer I thought “This is quite possibly the most disgusting concept for a “romantic” comedy I have ever seen. If this is what passes for romance these days, then we’re doomed”

…how would this work in a legal perspective? Could there be grounds for a lawsuit? I remember a case of a fertility doctor who swapped his own sperm for the donor’s which ended being settled out of court (and the guy managed to keep his license!). This is a bit murkier but just as, if even not MORE objectionable (it’s her OWN FRIEND who did this! And I don’t buy the “drunk” excuse)