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maryann johanson, free spinster

don’t even ask what “paternal nudity” might be…

Crazy MPAA ratings are so much fun! Have you seen the warnings regarding Babies? It’s rated PG

for cultural and maternal nudity throughout

Trying to parse this is a blast. I suppose it means that all the naked boobs are not meant to titillate but merely to provide nourishment to all the babies, but that if you’re so demure that you blush even at the mention of chicken breast on a restaurant menu, you need to be aware that this movie will force you to look at women’s bodies that aren’t covered up to the degree you would like. Which means, of course, that the rating is designed to acknowledge that some people cannot see women as anything other than sexual objects.

The babies are naked through much of the movie, too. Shouldn’t we get a warning about that? Or does that come under “cultural” nudity?

This has been your WTF Thought for the Day.

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