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marketing horrors: Shrek Twinkies

To Woody Harrelson in Zombieland, the Twinkie was a “spunky yellow delicious bastard.” But the totally objective, just-plain-fact of the matter is that Twinkies are nasty. And somehow, they are rendered even nastier when the creamy filling is green:

Does it taste like wasabi? Or like mold? It’s an adventure in every bite!

(Apparently, there have been Shrek Twinkies since at least 2004. And no one stopped Hostess in all this time?)

Yes, I bought these. I’m gonna mail them to my friend Katy, who lives in England, where they’re civilized enough not to have Twinkies. She inexplicably loves them anyway.

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  • JoshDM

    Dare I speculate which orifice of the ogre was used to produce said creamy filling, or did they just use an entire ogre ala Soylent Green?

  • markyd

    Oh, that’s gross! Who the hell thought this was a good idea? Just yuck.

  • Jester

    It’s just food coloring. My nephews think the green color is hysterical. Then again, the older of the two is 7. You’re not exactly the target audience for this, MAJ. ;-)

  • Have you guys seen The Human Centipede, or the trailer? I was inspired when I found the Shrek Twinkies

  • JackSlater4
  • Left_Wing_Fox

    Oh, there is worse.

    McDonald’s McFlurry tie-in for the movie is called the “Mint Ogreload.”

  • Laura S.

    Spongy. Spongy yellow delicious bastards. :)

    But your point very much stands.

  • markyd

    Mint Ogreload? Oh, come ON. The word “load” should NEVER be used to advertise anything. And people are actually eating these things? wow.

  • aquila6

    I am reminded of Denis Leary’s comment once upon a time that he did not like eating donuts with filling inside, because you never know what you’re going to get — maybe you’d get “hot French vomit”.

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