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question of the day: What’s your dream actor/director pairing, and what kind of movie would they make?

Hilarious headline in the Onion this week:

Ridley Scott Trades Russell Crowe To Tim Burton For Johnny Depp

And though I hate to quote an entire story, this one is so short:

HOLLYWOOD, CA—Directors Ridley Scott and Tim Burton traded their favorite actors Wednesday, closing a deal in which Scott received Johnny Depp and Burton received Russell Crowe plus two guys from Black Hawk Down and a three-pack of watermelon Bubble Yum. “I’m going to cover his face in white powder and make him wear a purple fright wig and a Victorian frock coat with swirls all over it,” said Burton, who unsuccessfully attempted to trade away an old Michael Keaton with whom he hardly ever plays anymore. “Russell Crowe’s going to be the best misfit undertaker ever!” Scott, meanwhile, told reporters that he was just glad he got rid of a crappy action figure like Crowe and that he and Burton had definitely called no tradebacks.

Funny, yes, but maybe, in the face of the tiredness that is both Robin Hood and Alice in Wonderland, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to get our creative geniuses out of their ruts by surprise switchups in their working partners. And even filmmakers and actors who aren’t in creative ruts could likely benefit from the unexpected: that Onion headline could just as easily read “Nicole Holofcener trades Catherine Keener to Wes Anderson for Owen Wilson” and been just as funny. (Well, Wilson could really use a shakeup, actually…)

What kind of movie would Russell Crowe and Tim Burton make together? What if James Cameron acquired Frances McDormand from the Coen Brothers?

What’s your dream actor/director pairing, and what kind of movie would they make?

(Thanks to bronxbee for the Onion link.)

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