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omg: Keanu is sad, fans try to make him happy

So it seems that Keanu Reeves was caught in the compromising position of eating a sandwich in public by himself:

and somehow this got interpreted as Keanu feeling sad and down and blue and alone and unemployed and whatev. And an Internet meme was born:

He’s actually not unemployed — he’s got plenty work, the dear — but perhaps the most unexpected thing about this meme is that it’s so sweet. There are many, many mashups featuring kittens trying to cheer Keanu up — see more sweet funny stuff here and here and here — but also the images have inspired fans and those mere mortals who’ve worked with him (such as set builders on his movies) to relate stories about what an awesomely nice guy Keanu is. So many people are eager to share and read stories about what a great guy he is that at least one site — ThankYouKeanu.com — is currently offline, having crashed under the weight of so much traffic.

Anyway, June 15 is Cheer Up Keanu Day — proceeds go to cancer research (Reeves’ sister has been battling leukemia for years).

I didn’t think the Internet had the capacity to surprise me much anymore. It’s nice to be wrong.

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  • Dr. Rocketscience

    A few years ago I had opportunity to observe Keanu in the wild. Of course, by “wild” I mean a largely-deserted LAX terminal at 11p.m. on a Tuesday. Seems we were both waiting for the arrival of the same delayed plane from JFK. Having grown up near the entertainment industry (my father is a stage hand in theater and TV) I don’t go up and bother celebrities. But several other travelers did go up to him. In every case, he put on a sheepish grin and nodded to the inevitable queries of “Are you Keanu Reeves?” He shook several hands, and i think may have signed a few slips of paper. He never looked perturbed – it seems that the infamous vacant “Keanu Reeves Stare” is his natural expression. Although, when the flight arrived, he lit up visibly to greet the young woman and 10-year-old-ish girl who had deplaned.

  • Shadowen

    I think the homeless-man-lookin’ scruff (not that I can talk; I look like Grizzly Adams) probably exacerbated it.

  • Lea

    Oh the humanity! How can he possibly cope?
    Get this man to a crisis hotline at once!
    I agree that the thought is sweet and well intentioned, but seriously, some folk need to get a life.
    And may I add that the scruffy-homeless-guy-look works very nicely for him…

  • Drave

    Congratulations on being the number one Google result for Sad Keanu!

    Now me, I see that picture, and I just think issue 8 of Sandman.

  • Ran5

    the real reason he’s sad and why we all should be too!!!

  • ran5
  • Brian

    This reminds me of the recent news item about Ian McKellen being mistaken for a homeless man while sitting in costume outside the theatre in Australia where he was performing Waiting for Godot.


    . . . because, of course, homeless people can frequently be found wearing shabby Edwardian garb, apparently.

  • Ogami Itto

    Congratulations on being the number one Google result for Sad Keanu!

    I suppose it’s only a matter of time before BP buys that search phrase for progaganda purposes.

    Also, that pic is funny ran5. Someone needs to photoshop Keanu into an oil-spill picture with a dead dolphin or something.

  • MaryAnn

    And may I add that the scruffy-homeless-guy-look works very nicely for him…

    I’ve never seen a homeless guy who looked like that.

  • the rook

    clearly, he’s rehearsing for a role in an edward hopper painting…


  • CB

    I’ve seen actors playing homeless guys who looked like that. :)

    Honestly I’m more fascinated by the chicken walking by.

    Places where chickens roam about are happy, because there are chickens roaming about. On the other hand they’re kinda sad, because there’s chicken poop everywhere.

    What’s truly sad is his sister with leukemia. I hadn’t heard that before. Donate blood, and get on the bone marrow registry, people! You have an extremely low chance of totally saving someone’s life in a way nobody else could. Your very existence could be like winning the best lottery ever for some sick person.

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