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question of the day: Will Hollywood learn anything from the flopping of ‘Jonah Hex’?

The Hollywood Reporter blog Heat Vision has a few lessons Hollywood might want to consider when contemplating another film like Jonah Hex, which is destined to go down as one of the worst-performing movies of 2010. The lessons seem evident:

Fanboys might not make or break a film, but they need to feel respected.

Pick a release date carefully, and never underestimate Pixar.

Not every comic needs to be movie.

Executives would be wise to not overreact and think nonmarquee comic book titles can’t be worthy of adaptations.

The details Heat Vision writer Borys Kit delves into are wise but, it must be said, obvious (“The movie version of ‘Hex’ should have been rated R, made like a relatively cheap spaghetti Western instead of a PG-13 exercise with a budget said to have climbed to $50 million-$60 million, including reshoots.”) That’s not a criticism of Kit but a smack at Hollywood: Shouldn’t all these points have been obvious before Jonah Hex flopped… like in the preproduction stage? Heat Vision is asking what lessons can be gleaned from Jonah Hex, but really, the question is:

Will Hollywood learn anything from the flopping of Jonah Hex? You know, Is Hollywood capable of seeing the palpable problems with how it works, and is it interested in fixing them?

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