wtf: Katherine Heigl’s ‘Killers’ moron is a “sweetie pie”?

Oh, how depressing! In his essay on Ashton Kutcher as the new Clark Gable (the subject of today’s Question of the Day), Salon’s Andrew O’Hehir refers to Katherine Heigl’s character in Killers as a “sweetie pie.”

Sweetie pie? Really? Sweetie pie? This is a thirtysomething woman who allows herself to be berated by her parents in public — whose parents appear to believe it’s okay to berate their adult child in public — and she must be okay with being treated like a wayward child, because she agrees to go on vacation with them. Then she lies to them about being sick and stuck in her hotel room, rather than simply saying, “Look, I met this cute guy and I’m having dinner with him, okay?” Three years after she marries this man, she continues to check in with her parents multiple times per day, and in fact appears to consider that her first committment is to them instead of to her husband. Her parents arrange just about every aspect of her life. She appears to have no interests of her own, no friends to speak of, not even much volition of her own.

That’s not a “sweetie pie.” That’s a child, a doormat, a robot.

Is that what makes a woman “sweet”? Christ.

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