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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

deep thought (re Lindsay Lohan)

I do not care to hear what Lindsay Lohan thinks about her prison sentence.

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  • Since you chose not to put a period after the word “thinks,” I’m guessing that you are interested in her views on other subjects, just not her prison sentence.

    Perhaps you wish to hear her thoughts on evolution, the ascent of mankind, the rise and fall of civilizations, the possibility of life on other planets and the magnificence of Doctor Who.

    Okay, I’m obviously teasing but from a place of love…

  • kathleen

    if lindsay lohan liked doctor who I think I would have to re evaluate my views on life in general

  • That’s probably the only time that “deep thought” and “Lindsay Lohan” have ever been used together.

  • It’s annoying because Lohan wasn’t a talent-free zone like Paris Hilton. She wasn’t a horrible a kid actress. She could have been a contender, but all she’s done is shoot herself in the foot.

  • MC

    I have a moratorium about discussing Lohan and some of the other people who pass for celebrities these days.

    I’d rather read/write about new movies, PS2 games and the like than the latest gossip.

    I’ve mocked her in the past, but the only time she comes up these days over in my neck of the woods is when there is a movie involved.

  • JoshDM
  • Lisa

    It pisses me off that people take such joy in the fact that she’s going to prison. I think it’s a
    particularly nasty misogyny.

    Look at her parents – she had no chance. I hope she gets it together – those Lindsay Lohan death watches sicken me. There’s nothing to celebrate or take the piss out of here.

  • Yes, it’s sad when people revel in the misery of others. I don’t want to hear about it ’cause these people shouldn’t have to live their lives having every decision they make examined. Yes, she made wrong choices, but she’s a person and if the NEWS is treating it like a headliner I’m disgusted.

  • MaryAnn

    It pisses me off that people take such joy in the fact that she’s going to prison. I think it’s a particularly nasty misogyny.


  • texphile

    While I don’t revel in her prison sentence I think it is appropriate. She had a free ride for some time and apparently thought she would skate on by as usual. I think of this as a short sharp shock. I am a female and don’t think it misogyny to expect her to comply with a court order to appear and to attend classes that were mandatory. This will land most people in jail. I cant feel sorry for her for having the judge call her on this and treat her like any other schmo off the street. Betcha she thinks long and hard before breaking the law again. If a prison stay makes her not drive drunk or under the influence of narcotics it is particularly appropriate. Not to mention keeping her alive and whom ever is sharing the roadway with her.

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