my biggest disappointment in ‘Inception’

(not a spoiler)

Yes, I loved the movie. But as I indicated in my review, my mind wasn’t blown as much as I was expecting it to be. Some of my expectations were created by the astonishing imagery the trailer showed us, such as the folding city:

My mind was abuzz pondering the possibilities: How would Nolan play with this? How would it impact the story, the characters, their world? If this is just the tease, what would the extent of such a concept be?

So I was sorta flummoxed to see that, in fact, the tease was basically it — there was no expansion on it. Cobb is showing Ariadne the framework of how they build dreams, and she wonders what happens when you play with the physics of the dreamworld, and that’s when the city folds up. Which is unbelievably cool and mind-blowing.

And then the topic never gets revisited. At least not in anything like this way. It’s almost as if, in The Empire Strikes Back, we saw Luke Force-lift some rocks and attempt to raise his X-wing from the swamp, but then we never saw him use this skill again.

If the physics gets played with again, it comes in ways we can’t see: ways that are metaphoric or in the subconscious of the characters. And that’s fine. But I thought there would be more stuff to see like the folding city.

Am I alone in this?

(Feel free to spoil in comments, but offer a warning first!)

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