omg: ‘All Creatures Great and Small Babies’ on its way

I’ve been rewatching All Creatures Great and Small — it’s available in the U.S. to stream from Netflix, and it has been giving my Roku box quite a workout — and I’m so happy to find that this 1970s-80s series holds up very well indeed. I adore its gentle but pointed humor about human nature, about how following your bliss isn’t always blissful on a day-to-day basis, and about how what we don’t say and don’t do is often the interpersonal grease that keep society running smoothly (if at personal expense to our own stress levels). Plus, of course, there’s the philosophical undercurrents about how wanting to treat animals well and being an unrepentant meat-eater isn’t a contradiction. And there’s all the beautiful, rugged Yorkshire countryside to admire.
Now, reports the Guardian, we’re gonna get more of James Herriot’s life story in TV form:

The new three-part series, Young James, is due to be filmed and set in Glasgow, the city where veterinary surgeon Alf Wight – author of the original diaries, which were witten under the pseudonym James Herriot – learned his trade. The new show will feature the earlier years of Herriot’s career.


Who should play Herriot? How about Aaron Johnson? Too young? Arthur Darvill (aka Rory from Doctor Who)? I bet he’d be great…

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