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omg: you can buy your own 3D glasses at Odeon cinemas

I just discovered this at the official site of the U.K.’s Odeon chain of multiplexes:


Save money – and the environment – with 3D glasses you can use again. There are loads of awesome 3D films coming in 2010 – and we’ve found a way you can watch them and save money too.

Now, the first time you watch a 3D film at ODEON you’ll buy your very own 3D glasses for just £1 and pay a lower price for your ticket.

Instead of throwing away your 3D glasses at the end, hang on to them and bring them to ODEON next time you want to watch a 3D film.

Not only will you save money after the second 3D film you watch, you’ll be helping the environment by reusing your glasses too.

Look after your glasses and they’ll look after you

Enjoy many happy viewings with your 3D glasses: just take good care of them by popping them back in the plastic packaging after you use them. If you do damage your 3D glasses don’t worry – replacing them only costs £1.

There’s just one caveat: “Does not apply to IMAX 3D performances.” But that’s understandable, since there’s a different premium attached to IMAX tickets.

But still… what a great idea. I’m not aware of any U.S. or Canadian chain that’s offering this. At the Regal multiplex where I’m going to see Despicable Me again with my geek gang tonight, 2D tickets are $13 and 3D tickets are $17.50. That’s an insane markup. I’d love the opportunity to buy a pair of glasses for $1.50 — about where the pound sterling is at the moment — in order to save $4.50 each and every time I go to a 3D film. Hell, I’d even pay $4.50 to buy a pair of 3D glasses if it meant I wouldn’t have to pay that again for the next 3D film I see at a multiplex. (And yes, by the way, some critics do pay for their movie tickets. Sure, I go to press screenings, but not for every film I see — I can’t always get to the press screenings for everything — and certainly for the films I want to see again.)

And what a great way to create customer loyalty. If Odeon is gonna give you a discount for bringing your own 3D glasses but Cineworld won’t, which theater would you return to again and again?

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