question of the day: Should ‘Inception’ get a sequel?

Today’s question comes from reader Lorenzo Lamas:

Should Inception get a sequel?

And I’ll add: What direction would a possible Inception sequel go in? Should we revisit Cobb to see how he’s faring after then end of the film? (I say no, to preserve the unanswered but intriguing questions raised by the ending.) How about letting Ariadne take over and demonstrating just how far futzing with the physics of a dream can take us?

If you need some reminders of what’s left up in the air in the film, visit Cinematical for Peter Hall’s rundown of six interpretations and five plot holes, and for an infographic on the film’s layers by artist Dehahs — Scott Weinberg says: “It’s like M.C. Escher was a movie nerd!”

Assume massive spoilers in both links above, and in the comments below. Have fun!

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