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wtf: daycare sends six-year-olds to an R-rated movie

Um, what?

A Texas day care center is facing a state probe over allegations that it took a group of 6-year-olds to see a raunchy R-rated movie in Waco in July.

Young Expressions Childcare in the Waco suburb of Bellmead, Texas, is under investigation by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, a spokesman for the agency confirmed to Fox News Radio.

The children were allegedly taken by day care workers to Waco’s Starplex Cinema last week to see “Death at a Funeral,” a bawdy 2010 comedy that was far too gross even for most movie critics.

Geez, they couldn’t even take the kids to see a decent R-rated film? They had to take them to a really, really stupid one?

Leave it to Fox News to harp on salaciously why the film was rated R:

The Motion Picture Association of America gave the film an R rating for foul language and foul humor — and that barely scratches the surface of a movie that features corpse wrestling, psychedelic drug use, explosive diarrhea and a man’s homosexual affair with a midget.

See, now, if only the homosexual affair hadn’t been with a midget, that would have been okay. But gay midgets? How can this be blamed on the liberals?

Back to the idiocy of the daycare people:

The children were originally supposed to see the film “Marmaduke,” but the show was sold out. A spokesman for the movie theater told Fox News Radio they were shocked and couldn’t understand why the kids were brought to the R-rated film instead.

Oh, well, Marmaduke is barely better than Death at a Funeral 2.0. I wonder if Fox News knows that Marmaduke also features psychedelic drug use? I’m not kidding: it does. No gay midgets, though.

One also wonders what they were thinking, the theater employees who sold the tickets and admitted a gaggle of six-year-olds to this movie. Massive brain fail? Or did they just shrug and say that since there were adults with them, and the R rating just means that under-17s have to be accompanied by an adult, it was all cool?

(Oh, and do be sure to check out the comments at the Fox News link. The thread has barely gotten started before the hailing of homeschooling and the railing against welfare begins.)

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  • Lynn

    I’m personally imagining that the actual purpose of the trip was to give the teacher an hour and a half of AC and quiet out of the Texas heat, so the fact that Marmaduke was sold out was irrelevant.

    But there had to be something non-R out there as an alternative.

    Otoh, most PGs have inappropriate language anymore. G’s don’t sell, so a random ‘damn’ will make it into the script to up the rating. Most PGs also have body function jokes somewhere in there as well.

  • Deacon Jones

    It’s typical of Fox “News” to harp on the content of the movie. It’s not the movie’s fault for being what it is, at fault are the idiots at the theater and the bozo who chaperoned the youngsters.

    By the way, thanks for noting the ideological bent of the Fox posters on their webpage. Yes, it doesn’t take long before everything is blamed on a liberal, socialist conspiracy.

  • This is primarily the fault of the day care for NOT buying tickets in advance. Something like taking kids to a movie theater requires parental consent forms, transportation, you know some level of planning. That they didn’t book seats with the theater is just stupid mismanagement.

    The only thing I can think of why they figured Death at a Funeral was kid-friendly was that Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence had done raunchy-but-kid-friendly movies before, so they figured Funeral might have been the same deal…

  • I_Sell_Books

    wtf is wrong with people??

  • JoshDM

    They went LAST WEEK? Couldn’t get into Despicable Me?

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