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omg: ‘Firefly’ characters in ‘Star Trek’ uniforms

Back to the silly stuff:

It really does highlight how the same old character tropes recur again and again across ensemble adventure shows. Of course Simon is Spock! And Book is Bones!

Also: It’s just plain totally cool.

From The Posterior of Randal Schwartz.

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  • I deem this to be Excellent.

  • Matt C

    Why are Kaylee, River and Jayne red shirts? Don’t the red shirts tend to die quickly?

  • Orangutan

    Red was worn by both Security, which Jayne definitely qualifies as, and Engineering, which Kaylee totally is. BUT, both of them have names, which typically exempts the wearer of a red shirt from the curse.

  • CB

    BUT, both of them have names, which typically exempts the wearer of a red shirt from the curse.

    Only if you already knew their names before the episode. When a Redshirt gets referred to by name for the first time just before being picked for an away team, they’re toast. You’d rather be anonymous in that case, cus otherwise you just know Kirk is going to be calling out your name before turning on the bad guy with firm resolve.

  • JoshDM

    Actually, Simon would be Bones, River would be Spock, and Book would be, uh, the TOS equivalent of TNG’s Guinan I guess, but that’s just me.

  • Victor Plenty

    Well now, Book is Bones – looking past Bones as ship’s doctor, and seeing his more important role as an advocate for moral values considered old-fashioned by most of his crewmates.

    I’m not sure Simon or River really fulfill the most important conditions for being Spock. There may be more elements of Spock in Zoe.

    Besides, if River were Spock, wouldn’t that make Jayne into Nurse Chapel?

  • Chris

    I think we can project Jayne forward, and make him Worf

  • Isobel

    I do love this. My colour blindness really didn’t help (I’m red/green colourblind – lucky me!). The red shirts look dark green to me, and usually when I’m told something is read I suddenly ‘see’ it as red – not this time, though! Still look dark green!

    Simon is definitely Spock – all that repressed emotion going on! Plus obviously clever.

  • Keith

    Actually, most of the red shirt deaths occurred in Season 1 of Star Trek. In the other seasons, there were only about three red shirt deaths total and a lot more deaths of blue and gold shirts.

    Book looks like he’s wearing more of a Commodore’s uniform, which would make sense based on the hints of what he was before he became a Shepard.

    See Inara more as Communications, like Uhura, so think she should be wearing red. River should be in blue because, minus the crazy, she’d be more sci/med with her intellect. Everyone else seems about right.

    SO, have Inara and River swap shirts (and they can take their time doing it too :) and that would be my version preference of how this pic should look. Plenty awesome as it is, though.

  • Lisa

    This is a ridiculous discussion – they’re all more likely to be Maquis! Simon would have excelled in Star Fleet though.

  • JoshDM

    Y’know, Inara in “V” is just not doing it for me. I think “V” overall just isn’t doing it. Anyone else?

  • markyd

    I had a total thing for Kaylee. Has she been in any other shows/movies?

  • Lisa

    One of the Stargates I think

    I think she’s the spit of that russian spy Anna Chapman.

    Vote Ten!


  • JoshDM
  • Paul

    I figured Inara is more like Troi, hence the blue. And I don’t think there really is a “Spock” character in “Firefly,” which is fine by me.

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