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on my radar: opening 08.13.10 in U.S. and Canadian theaters

Eat Pray Love
There’s a version of this poster for the film all over NYC: it’s a closeup on Julia Roberts’ face as she licks her ice cream spoon. Every time I see it, I think, There’s meant to be something naughty about this. A woman, eating ice cream, and — this is the really naughty bit — on her own, not chasing a man or taking care of kids… with not a care in the world except pleasing herself. I haven’t seen the movie yet — Sony is holding press screenings till very late; mine isn’t till tomorrow night — and I really want to like it. I haven’t read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, but I’m desperate for stories about women living their own lives for themselves, the way that stories about men almost always are allowed to be. I hope there isn’t an overtone to the film of impossible, privileged decadence — like Sex and the City 2 had — because while taking a year off and traveling the world as the central character does here certainly is the purview of a very privileged few, the idea of women as their own people should not be a matter of privilege or wealth. [trailer] (review to come)

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
There’s already some spirited discussion going on in the comments following my posting of the trailer. I fully expect even more to-do after I post my full comments on the film. (review to come)
The Expendables
Poor, poor boys. They never get movies to themselves. And this year has been particularly bad, what with all the movies about sparkly vampire boyfriends, and now Julia Roberts has thrown over men, too. What is a lad to do? Where o where are the Hollywood movies for men? The anger of this forgotten half of the human race bursts forth in this trailer for The Expendables:

*putting on angry humorless feminist hat*

“We take back what’s ours”?! What the fuck? Movies belong to boys and men exclusively? It’s not enough that one or two movies this year have apparently struck a chord with women more than with men, and this is emasculating?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know: This is meant to be funny, and if I were only getting laid enough and didn’t have so many damn cats I would realize that. But it only works as “funny” if lots of men really will feel as if their penises have been chopped off if a Julia Roberts movie makes more money than The Expendables this coming weekend. Are men really such fucking babies? [earlier trailer] (review to come)

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