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question of the day: If you could ask one question of George Lucas, what would it be?

Last week I mentioned in passing that Jon Stewart would be interviewing George Lucas at Celebration, the big annual Star Wars convention. That interview happened this past weekend, and IGN has a a report full of the juicy tidbits that came out of the event. Like this:

Stewart asked Lucas about how he had the mental willpower to stay strong and preserve when so many obstacles were in his way making Star Wars, to which Lucas replied, “Well, it helps to be nuts.” He said the trick really was to be stubborn, to the point where you tell yourself, “I’m right. I don’t care what the rest of the world thinks” – a line I’m sure Lucas’ critics will have a field day with.

And this:

Stewart asked Lucas about some of his favorite pieces of fan-made art or items were, and he talked about receiving a small representation of Jar Jar Binks frozen in carbonite – adding that he loved it so much, he had ILM make a full size version, which hangs at the Lucasfilm offices.

And this:

Speaking about Jedi and what they do, he said, “Jedi really aren’t warriors. They’re negotiators. They’re like the mafia.”

As for why the Jedi are told not to have attachments, he said it was about the idea, “Not to be greedy. Once you’re greedy, then you get fearful, because you don’t want to lose what you have. So you have to learn to give up anything.”

While marriage is forbidden, “They can still love people. They can’t possess them,” and had to, “Accept the fact that they’re going to die and that the loved ones they have are going to die.”

There’s lots more, including some funny commentary from Stewart, as you might expect.

If you could ask one question of George Lucas, what would it be?

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