quick list: five great Jeff Goldblum performances

I’m off in a few minutes to see The Switch, which I was not invited to screen in advance. I expect to hate it — though of course, as always, I will be delighted to be wrong about that — so I plan on consoling myself throughout with visions of Patrick Wilson and Jeff Goldblum, however briefly they may appear. (Wilson is, I believe, Jennifer Aniston’s intended sperm donor; Goldblum appears to taking a backseat best-friend-to-Jason Bateman role.)

I remember when Jeff Goldblum used to be the star of movies. Now, rumor has it that we’re losing him from his current high-profile TV role, too: supposedly he’s turning in his Law and Order: Criminal Intent badge already, barely after he reinvigorated that series. At least we’ll always have these five great performances (and many others, too), to keep us amused and properly Goldblum-ized.
The Fly
There are some things in which Jeff Goldblum is not meant to meddle. He does anyway, to horrifically entertaining results.

Earth Girls Are Easy
Only Goldblum could make a furry alien so sexy that, a year after he went Brundlfly on her, he could still make Geena Davis swoon.

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Across the Eighth Dimension
Goldblum’s New Jersey — that’s his name — is a neurosurgeon on a par with Buckaroo himself in this gonzo sci-fi comedy; plus, he’s also a cowboy. And they save the world and stuff.

One of the Hollywood Ten
In a rare serious role for the actor, Goldblum portrays a blacklisted screenwriter in the commie-crazed 1950s. If you think Goldblum is only a goofball, don’t miss this criminally unknown movie.

The Tall Guy
Goldblum’s American actor in London falls in love with Emma Thompson. Who wouldn’t? A must-see for its parody West End musical Elephant! (the Elephant Man via Andrew Lloyd Webber) and its hilarious sex scene.

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