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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

wtf: would you wear an item of clothing in “Chewbacca pink”?

This blouse is kinda nice. It might be something I could pull off and still look okay in the process. But I would never, ever let anyone know that JCPenney decided it was cool or appealing or enticing to dub the color “Chewbacca pink”?

(Screengrab of the JCPenney online shopping page after the jump.)

What does “Chewbacca pink” even mean? Chewie was brown and furry. Perhaps there were parts of his body that were pink, but I honestly don’t want to think about those parts of a Wookiee.

It’s like a J. Crew copywriter got sent through a wormhole to a galaxy far far away and got a job. Hoth Whiteout. Dagobah Jungle. Tattooine Sand. I want a party blouse in Coruscant Sparkle!


(via Jezebel)

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