omg: a woman playwright is finally produced at London’s Globe theater

And it’s been only 411 years since William Shakespeare helped found it. From The Independent:

Nell Leyshon will make history at the Globe in central London with her new play Bedlam, which chronicles the goings on at London’s notorious Bethlem psychiatric hospital in the 18th century. Following the story of a young country girl admitted to the asylum, the dark comedy looks at the terrible treatments administered to unfortunate inhabitants, and the gin craze that was sweeping London.

That the 48-year-old Leyshon, who is also a successful radio playwright and novelist, has cracked the Globe is seen as a symbolic breakthrough for women theatre writers.

“The Globe is the home of Shakespeare and at the heart of our theatre culture, which excluded women for such a long time, so it is particularly poignant,” said Sue Parrish, artistic director of the feminist theatre company Sphinx.


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Wed, Sep 08, 2010 7:57pm