question of the day: Is hearing news and reviews from film festivals torture for you, too?

The Toronto Film Festival opened yesterday, with a swanky new headquarters and secret screenings. Cult directors are presenting remakes of classic films at the ongoing Venice Film Festival. Oscar buzz is surrounding the just-announced lineup of the London Film Festival, which runs during the second half of October. The schedule for the upcoming New York Film Festival is solidifying around a rather grim slate of films.

Apart from the NYFF and Tribeca, I’ve never attended a film festival. But if I could, I would. Sheesh, you could do a solid two solid months of film-festivaling, traveling from Venice to Toronto to New York to London for these carnivals of cinemania, an odyssey that sounds to me as wonderful as it does exhausting. And I try not read reviews before I’ve seen a film and written my own review, but sometimes it’s impossible to avoid the headlines telling me that such-and-such movie by so-and-so made a certain impression to some festival crowd.

It’s all so excruciatingly tantalizing. It’s all so fluffy I’m gonna die.

Is hearing news and reviews from film festivals torture for you, too?

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