trailer break: ‘Hatchet II’ unrated trailer

Compare with the MPPA-approved trailer (which really isn’t all that much different):

Hatchet II will be released in the U.S. unrated, in limited release (because mainstream multiplexes typically won’t screen unrated films), which is just about unheard of for a genre film that would otherwise, if rated R, likely get a wide release. A press release from the production company and from AMC theaters — the one chain that is taking a chance on the film (through its program to feature indies and arthouse films) — crows:

The film will be released without an MPAA rating, marking the widest release of an unrated genre film in more than 25 years.


Dark Sky Films’ Newman added, “We are thrilled that audiences will not have to wait for a director’s cut or unrated version of Adam Green’s HATCHET II. On October 1st fans will have the opportunity to see Hatchet II in theaters exactly as it was intended to be seen: full-on, uncut and uncensored! We hope that this unrated release of HATCHET II marks a new trend in providing an uncompromised theatrical experience for genre film lovers nationwide.”

I’m not sure that an extra gory horror movie is quite the blow the MPAA deserves, but if this movie does well in limited release, perhaps it will convince the other multiplex chains that an unrated film is worth booking. And then maybe we might see movies that truly challenge current paradigms of storytelling and theme hitting major theaters, instead of one that’s mere just a bit bloodier than mainstream studio horror.

That’s probably not gonna happen, though. If this does well, it’ll just mean more over-the-top slasher movies, and nothing else more daring than that.

Hatchet II opens in the U.S. or Canada on October 1; no U.K. release date has been announced.

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