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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

watch it: “Happy Inside” (the Ikea 100 cats commercial)

One hundred cats roam the Ikea store in Wembley, England, in one of the most effective ads for anything I’ve ever seen. This is a beautiful little story: The cats start out all WTF? Where are we? and then start to settle down and decide this feels like home… Well, I’m not ashamed to admit my eyes well up a little there at the end. I’ve heard it said that the biggest compliment a cat can pay you is to chill out and relax in your presence: It’s like saying, “You are not a threat; you are safe to sleep near; I trust that you will not kill me while I’m unconcious.” If a nervous, neurotic pussycat can relax with Ikea, then surely we humans can, too, right?

The Ikea cats have their own Facebook page, naturally.

Oh, and there’s a making-of:

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