um, what? ‘Social Network’ is elitist?

Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood had the following to say about the debut-weekend box office take of The Social Network, which is, at $22.4 million, is considered something of a disappointment:

[T]he reason may well lie in the film’s elitism which could be keeping more mainstream audiences away. “Left coast, right coast, and a smidge of Chicago only. The rest of the country could care less,” a rival studio exec pointed out the pic’s attendance patterns to me late Friday, adding Saturday. “It’s a big city pic only.”

I don’t understand this at all. Don’t people all over the country use Facebook? Is the Harvard connection supposed to be what makes it elitist? And “left coast, right coast, and a smidge of Chicago” constitutes the bulk of the population of the United States:

Am I the only one who doesn’t understand this?

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