wtf: “Michelle Williams Gains 15 lbs. for New Movie Role”

Oh noes! Stop the presses! Alert the media!

Oh, wait: the media already knows. From iVillage Entertainment:

In a world where Hollywood has become the land of the incredible shrinking celebrity, it’s refreshing to find an actress who has no qualms about actually gaining weight for a movie role. Enter Michelle Williams, who gained weight (and some Oscar buzz!) for her new role in Blue Valentine — and then proudly showed off her curves in a magazine photo spread.

When I first saw that headline, I wondered what role this was referring to. But I can’t believe it’s Blue Valentine. Michelle Williams gained weight for this part? Where? I mean, look at the trailer. Look at these images from the production:

This is ridiculous. Where is the notable fat on this woman’s body?

Oh, but iVillage is so approving of Williams’ daring:

“Not that many girls out there are shooting Vogue while gaining 15 pounds,” the film’s producer, Jamie Patricof, revealed at a recent screening.

That’s right: Williams says she indulged in plenty of ice cream treats to get the perfect look for her role, which she plays opposite Ryan Gosling, and then posed for the Vogue shoot just one week after the film wrapped. And if you’re planning on seeing the flick, you should be prepared to see plenty of Williams’ fuller figure, as the intense flick just got hit with an NC-17 rating due to its dramatic sexual nature.

We think it’s awesome that Williams isn’t one of those actresses trying to out-skinny the rest of Hollywood’s starlets. Here’s hoping more of Tinseltown’s stars will get on board with representing what real women look like.

How does Williams not look like a skinny Hollywood starlet here? Seriously: I don’t get it.

Just to be clear, I’m not picking a fight with Williams. I’m picking a fight for anyone who thinks it takes daring to look like Michelle Williams looks in Blue Valentine. She looks like she always does. She certainly doesn’t look like she has a “fuller figure.”

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