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question of the day: What was the most underrated or underappreciated movie of 2010?

Next week I’ll get down to posting my best-of lists for the year, but this is a subject that often gets overlooked in all the year-end discussions:

What was the most underrated or underappreciated movie of 2010?

Mine must be Agora, which will certainly be on my top 10 list. It’s not just that audiences didn’t even have a chance to find it — it never played on more than 17 screens in North America, and opened on only one in the U.K. — or that most critics didn’t love it as much as I did… it’s that most critics didn’t even bother to review it: it has only 81 reviews at Rotten Tomatoes. But comparison, Toy Story 3 has 247 reviews at RT, and even, say, The American, which might be more comparably compared to Agora for it limited appeal and artiness, managed to garner 199 reviews at RT.

Very disappointing.

Your turn…

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  • Justin Peterson

    Agora, very underrated. A movie about ideas, about the dangers of religion. Perhaps the fact that that religion was Christianity explains why audiences could not swallow it. A movie that should be seen, reflected on, and talked about.

  • My review: Agora.

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