to give or to keep: ‘Star Wars’ cookie and pancake molds

Until I run out of cool giftable stuff to tell you about or until we run out of days till Christmas, I’ll be sharing some neat-o things that your geeky pals might enjoy, or that you might want to give to yourself, if you’ve been especially good this year.

Kitchen outfitter Williams-Sonoma has gone totally geeky this year with its news line of Star Wars cooking gadgets. I’m not sure if I’d prefer to eat an X-wing pancake or a Death Star cookie. Perhaps I’d start the day with one for breakfast and end it with the other for an after-dinner treat…

But wait! In addition to the vehicle pancake molds and vehicle cookie cutters, there’s also a Darth Vader spatula, aprons for grownups and kids, and more. See the whole line at Williams-Sonoma.

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