wtf: Glenn Close to portray Susan Boyle

From MTV UK:

A movie about Susan Boyle’s life is in the works, with American actress Glenn Close set to play the reclusive singer.

The movie will chart SuBo’s incredible rise to fame, from her first performance on Britain’s Got Talent through to her singing for the pope, taking America by storm and appearing on the Oprah Winfrey show.

Um, what?

I was completely pissed off at the initial reactions to Boyle — OMG! an ugly woman can sing! who’da thunk it! — and now I’m pissed off some more. Because we can be assured that while Close will certainly be deglammed to play Boyle, she won’t be deglammed anywhere near enough. I guess we should be thankful be got to hear a homely woman sing: gods forbid anyone should have to see a homely actress portray a homely singer in a movie!

It just highlights — once again — how absurd Hollwyood is. Glenn Close is the best option to play Susan Boyle? Are there no actresses more appropriate to the part… and closer to Boyle’s age? (Close is 14 years older than Boyle… which goes to show, I suppose, that as horrific as Hollywood is about women over 40, it’s nothing to how Hollywood treats women who aren’t drop-dead gorgeous). More from MTV UK:

The I Dreamed A Dream singer has given her blessing for the biopic to be made but had initially wanted Scottish actress Elaine C Smith, best known for her role in Rab C. Nesbitt, to play her. But as Susan is a bigger hit in the US than she is here in Blighty, producers wanted a Hollywood star to take the lead role.

That would be more like it:

Even better, Smith is only three years older than Boyle. But it is not to be.


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