question of the day: What films would you add 4D to, and what would you add?

Filming on The Hobbit finally began this week after many delays, from labor problems to director Peter Jackson’s health issues. The delays have been so, well, delaying that it was almost a full year ago when an April Fool’s Joke pulled by Total Film “revealed” that the film would be shot in “4D”:

“We won’t be doing anything tacky like scratch ‘n’ sniff,” [then director Guillermo del Toro] says. “But we’re looking into options for in-seat fragrance manipulation for the sequence where the company encounter the trolls. We’ll have to distill something really horrible.”

But Del Toro is most excited about the idea of heated seats – which would “warm up” when Bilbo enters Smaug’s chamber – and the use of dry ice and water sprays for the cave scenes when Gollum speaks in riddles to our eponymous hobbit.

But as Total Film also noted — which wasn’t a joke — such things really have been done before, most notably by director William Castle in the 1950s (and just barely fictionalized in the 1993 film Matinee).

So, at the suggestion of reader gensing: What films would you add 4D to, and what would you add?

Sand underfoot for Jaws? Or maybe that “incredible smell” from the trash compactor in Star Wars?

Have fun!

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