say good-bye to grownup horror movies…

You may already be lamenting their loss, but now you can rest assured that they’re gone for good. From the Boston Phoenix:

Universal Studios has pulled the plug on Guillermo del Toro’s planned 3-D adaptation of the H.P. Lovecraft short story “At the Mountains of Madness” because the director is unwilling to expugate the horror enough to warrant a “PG-13” instead of an “R.” Del Toro told them that he wasn’t going for graphic gore but that he wanted to make it “really, really uncomfortable and nasty.”

Nastiness in a horror movie? That made Universal really uncomfortable. So here’s an instance where a potential horror classic is stillborn because of a system that promotes innocuous mediocrity and a studio too frightened to risk losing a buck. And if you’re a movie lover, that’s scary.

And the vicious cycle continue: Adults don’t go to the movies because there are no movies that appeal to them, and the studios won’t make movies for adults because adults don’t go to the movies.

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