trailer break: ‘The Hangover Part II’ (the one you can’t see in theaters)

Look, it’s just like The Hangover, except instead of a baby, there’s a monkey. Oh oh and the monkey sucks on the fake boner, which is just — hoo! — hilarious.

Seriously, I’m dying here.

Okay, so let the guessing commence: Why did Warner Bros. pull this trailer from theaters, and why did the MPAA insist it do so? JoBlo says Warner Bros. says:

In our haste to meet the placement schedule for this trailer, we failed to properly vet the final version with the MPAA. We acted immediately to correct the mistake and removed the trailer from screens.

So what did the MPAA object to? That “whore in Vegas” bit? The “gayboys” line? Or the fake monkey fellatio? JoBlo suspects these things, and so do I.

Or did Warner Bros. panic once fanboys started complaining online that the film looks exactly the same as the first one?

Only Warner Bros. knows, and it ain’t talkin’. I bet they cut that new trailer while under the influence of roofies and coke and vodka and now no one even remembers anything about cutting the trailer at all.

The Hangover Part II opens in the U.S. and Canada on May 26, and in the U.K. on May 27.

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