London partying on royal wedding day (Part 2)

(continued from Part 1)

More scenes from the city of London on the day of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Many people had camped out overnight (or over more than one night, perhaps) to beat the crowds:

I was happy to stand away from the crowds and enjoy the party atmosphere of the day. This looks insane:

(That aerial photo grabbed from mainstream media.)

But if you didn’t care if couldn’t see anything, St. James’s Park was a very pleasant place on the day:

Nice for picnicking:

And for napping:

This was about the best view I had of the palace that day:

but that was fine. Because this was what it was like if you hoped to see anything at all out on Pall Mall (the broad boulevard stretching out in front of the palace):

Because of this, cardboard periscopes were all the rage:

Some of them, very enterprisingly, had ads for movies on them:

A few more scenes:

After the official to-do was over, there was plenty of unofficial to-do. This bar, the Warwick, in Soho

got in the spirit of the day

and was offering bargains on champagne:

They even had a bartender who looked kinda like Wills:

(though he was embarrassed by that and wouldn’t pose for a picture).

A fine time was had by all

including yours truly:

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