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celeb news of the week: Tilda Swinton didn’t know about Oscars

Oh, God, she’s too adorable for words. Or too totally full of shit. From NDTV Movies:

Hollywood actress Tilda Swinton has said she had no idea how prestigious the Academy Awards were until she won one because she had never watched the ceremony.

The 50-year-old Scottish actress won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in 2007 movie ‘Michael Clayton’ but says that she had no idea how prestigious an accolade it was, reported Contactmusic.

“I have to admit that I’d never seen the Oscars on television and really had no idea that it was so important. It was a very long show, but it did move me up from the children’s table, professionally, in Hollywood,” she said.

Swinton, who has twins Xavier and Honor with painter John Byrne, said that the accolade didn’t have meaning for her and had no bearing on her subsequent career choices.

Too precious! I’m not sure I believe it, though. It’s hard to imagine that her agent and her manager and her PR flack and her personal assistant and her stylist and her driver all conspired not to drop a hint about how huge the Oscars are at some point along the path to the award. I mean along the path to the actual ceremony. One does not accidentally drop in on the Oscars, you know, just cuz you were passing on your way somewhere. The woman who did her hair that night did not congratulate her on her nomination? Her agent didn’t comment on how good even just being nominated would be for her career? Nonsense.

Bless her heart, she’s an amazing actor, but she cannot possibly be both this naive and this sheltered.

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