The Undefeated (trailer)

I showed you the Iron Lady trailer yesterday — that’s the movie in which Meryl Streep plays Margaret Thatcher — so clearly the next order of business is that we look at the trailer for the Sarah Palin documentary.

Warrior! Sarah Palin is a warrior! Like a Marine! She represents a threat to establishments! The phony intelligensia don’t like her!

And it’s a disaster movie, too:

To hell with the establishment that let this happen… like by cutting taxes and refusing to do its appointed job of maintaining infrastructure. Er, wait, Palin is all about getting the government out of spending money on anything, including rape kits and police investigations.

So maybe that’s Palin’s bridge to nowhere that’s getting blown up? The bridge she supported until she didn’t?

I’m so confused! I’m sure the movie will set me straight!

(movie links and release dates that used to be here are now in the lefthand column)

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