Disney wasting no time on that spectacle-over-story policy: here comes ‘Planes’

Disney's Planes

It’s like Cars, only… Nope, it’s just like Cars.

What I was just saying about Hollywood — and Disney in particular — not caring about story? They’re not wasting any time putting that antiphilosophy into action. And this isn’t even a tentpole, which Disney exec Andy Hendrickson said is the sort of movie for which story isn’t supposed to matter. It’s just a direct-to-DVD flick. From a Disney press release:

BURBANK, Calif. – August 20, 2011 – Dusty, the small-town crop-duster from DisneyToon Studios’ upcoming feature “Planes,” has found his voice: Emmy Award®-winning actor Jon Cryer, lands the role of the daring dreamer who takes on the most notoriously grueling air race in history, and in the process gives a spellbound world the inspiration to soar. “Planes,” an all-new, CG-animated comedy action adventure, flies into homes on Blu-ray™ and DVD in Spring 2013.

Dusty lives in the small town of Propwash Junction, and the single-prop agriculture plane could not be further from the lean, mean, trophy-winning machines he idolizes – and his co-workers remind him constantly. His mentor Skipper is convinced that Dusty has the engine to compete with the best, and helps encourage him to pursue his lifelong dreams. But if Dusty wants to make his dreams a reality, he?ll need to push himself further than he ever imagined. With the help and support of a crew of all-new and hilarious characters, Dusty wings his way into the biggest challenge of his life.

“Planes,” set to introduce audiences to an entirely new and hilarious crew of daredevils from every corner of the globe, draws inspiration from the immensely popular world of Disney•Pixar’s “Cars.” Created, written and produced by DisneyToon Studios under the creative leadership of John Lasseter and directed by Emmy® nominated Klay Hall, “Planes” takes off with an international cast of the fastest air racers around, in a comedy packed with action and adventure.

“Draws inspiration”? It is Cars, except it’s Mater the tow truck racing in Lightning McQueen’s race instead of Lightning himself.

Also: What the fuck does a world with no people need with agriculture, or agriculture planes?

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