retro ad: young Russell Tovey in a bizarre 1990s Heinz ketchup commercial

Three things make this old commercial notable:

1) It is the weirdest ad for Heinz ketchup I’ve ever seen. It might be the weirdest ad for anything I’ve ever seen.

2) It features a young Russell Tovey — George from Proper Being Human, Alonzo from the Doctor Who episode “Voyage of the Damned” — and he is adorable.

3) Based on Tovey’s apparent age in the ad, clues within it (the state of telephonic technology), and the overall look of the ad, it appears to date from the early 1990s… and now I realize that since we are well into the second decade of the 21st century, the early 90s is now two decades back and fair nostalgia game. Damn, I feel old.

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