The Hunger Games (teaser trailer)

There’s so little of anything here, and yet I’m excited by this. Because now I’ve read the book (I’m deep into the second one), and love love love it. I worry for the movie, because I worry any time a book I love is adapted for the screen. But the casting is excellent: Jennifer Lawrence is a fantastic choice for Katniss, and Josh Hutcherson is perfect for Peeta. (I’m not yet sure about Liam Hemsworth for Gale, though.) Screenwriter and director Gary Ross gives me hope not necessarily because of his Seabiscuit — which was a fine enough film, but very different from this — but for his Pleasantville, which oozes a similar sort of satire to Hunger Games.

By the way, there’s a new viral site for the flick to accompany the release of the teaser:

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