The Whistleblower (trailer)

Looks good! Juicy cast: Rachel Weisz, Vanessa Redgrave, Monica Bellucci. Hot-button topics: corruption, international policing, Western imperialism. But wait! It stars a bunch of women — it’s directed by one, too (Larysa Kondracki) — and it’s about the sexual abuse of women by men with legal immunity. Could that be why it’s getting such a tiny release in North America that it’s not even listed at Box Office Mojo, and doesn’t have a release date for the U.K. yet? If this starred Matt Damon investigating political corruption in the same situation, don’t you think this would be getting a big push?

I know: There she goes again, finding sexism in everything! But when a movie has all the indicators of being a big studio film that would draw a pretty good mainstream audience, and it’s not being marketed that way, there’s gotta be a reason.

Don’t worry, here’s something silly: Hey! It’s Benedict Cumberbatch doing an awesome American accent! He’s so cute!

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