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Courageous (trailer)

It’s an action movie… for God!

If Fireproof, from the same producers, was Promise Keepers: The Movie, then here we have Promise Keepers II: The Husbanding. I guess the filmmakers figured, Hey, they all made fun of our little Christian movie, but we earned $33 million in 2008, and spent only half a mill to produce it. Eat that, suckers.

Well, they wouldn’t say “suckers,” because that would be unChristian.

Courageous opens today in North American but wasn’t screened for critics (though it does already have two reviews on Rotten Tomatoes somehow). It will probably make a bazillion dollars, because these are now officially the Tyler Perry movies for white Jesus-y types.

You’d think God would be a little more discriminating, though. He supposedly made the Grand Canyon and the kitten and all the stuff that goes into a martini, after all: the dude clearly has a sense of aesthetics. Surely they could have at least gotten someone like Terrence Malick to direct their little Sunday service movie. Oh, wait…

US/Canada release date: Sep 30 2011 | UK release date: Nov 4 2011

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