I Don’t Know How She Does It (trailer)

I don’t even want to automatically hate this movie, even though it stars Sarah Jessica Parker, because it looks like it might actually address real issues that real women deal with all the damn time. And director Douglas McGrath’s movies (Infamous, Company Man, Emma) don’t suck.

But I fear that the humiliation that SJP is put through in this trailer alone is a sign that the movie is not going to be kind to its protagonist. And I worry that it’s gonna lash on a phony happy ending that doesn’t really deal with any of the problems. Will Greg Kinnear get flour all over his face making cookies for the kid’s bake sale, or run around buying Christmas presents or organizing a birthday party while also juggling his career? I’m guessing not. I don’t want to end up being told that busy overextended women are just ditzy and adorable when they’re being superhumanly competent and not getting any help being so. And this trailer makes it look like that’s gonna happen.

Maybe the movie isn’t like that. But why sell it that way, then?

Oh, also: It’s not screening for critics. Not a good sign.

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