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is $1 too much to ask?

Do you remember a few months back how all the advertising disappeared from FlickFilosopher.com? And how I wrote about how advertising doesn’t work online and I was only making a measly two hundred bucks or so per month from ads even though this is a popular site and how I hoped that the cleaner, less cluttered look of the site would encourage readers to subscribe at only $1 per month? And how I really need to be able to make a living from the site if I’m going to continue it?
Well, I haven’t even made up that little bit of now-lost ad revenue in new subscribers. Never mind getting up to a level of subscribers that I really need.

I’m starting to despair here. Or maybe panic is the word. It’s not a good feeling, whatever it is.

Is $1 per month too much to ask for something you enjoy on a regular basis?

What does $1 — 63p in the UK, or 72euro cents, or 97 Australian cents, or 98 Canadian cents — buy these days?

a can of Coke?
two cigarettes?
a packet of crisps?
a cup of ordinary nonfancy coffee (no shots or whip or foam)?
one song on iTunes?
and not much else

Seriously, do you get as much enjoyment out of FlickFilosopher.com over the course of a month as you get out of a single can of Coke? If you don’t, then what are you doing here?

If you do, then I really need you to subscribe at just $1 per month (whatever that translates to in your local currency). If you’d like to subscribe at a higher rate, there are options for that on the subscribe page, but honestly, just one tiny little buck per month from enough readers is all it takes. And there are enough regular readers for this to work. I just need everyone to step up.

Once you set up your subscription — which is quick and easy — you won’t even notice that buck a month heading out your door. You won’t.

please subscribe

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