question of the day: What intimate celebrity bodily details should we obsess about next?

Scarlett Johansson's breasts

Via @thefworduk (the F word is — shhh! — feminism), I discovered Celebrity Bra Sizes, Famous Star Actress Cup Size List, wherein speculation is engaged upon scientifically determining the dimensions of the mammary glands of famous women.

As @thefworduk says:

Oh my God, this is actually a thing

Indeed. And yes, it is a treasure of wit and wisdom from readers. Such as these random sample comments from the page devoted to Scarlett Johansson (or perhaps her clone) and her allegedly 34C hooters:

Nah, she’s a C. She just favors expensive push-up bras. Those things are incredibly deceptive, but you can tell by how perky they are – big breasts are never perky unless they are fake or assisted ;p

And this:

You lot are dreaming. DD at least? You wish, try large B or small C. They only look like something when she has them pushed up nearly to her ears, squeezed together and padded. Hollywood is deprived of non-flat chests so when a C comes up you think it’s FF or GG.

I’ve looked everywhere for, and… oh dear god, there are actually quite a few Google results that look genuinely related to such a query.

So now that the obvious bits are taken care of:

What intimate celebrity bodily details should we obsess about next?

I think someone should start Celebs Whose Second Toe Is Longer Than Their Big I won’t be able to sleep until I know precisely which famous person is hiding a naughty toe under their sneakers.


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