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watch it: 19th Raindance Film Festival ad

The other day I bitched about the weirdly “sexy” and male-gazey poster for the Raindance Film Festival, currently happening in London. This ad demonstrates, however, that the same idea — seeing the world through a different lens — can be riffed upon in ways that are clever, subversive, and not sexist.

Director Alex Brook Lynn is one to watch. And I just knew that this:

Raindance ad shot in the Bronx

had to be in New York City… and more specifically, in the Bronx. There’s just no other architecture that looks quite like that. In her blog about the making of the ad, Lynn, a native New Yorker, talks about location-scouting in the Bronx. Maybe it looks cool and exotic and alien to viewers watching this ad in cinemas in London (which is where I first saw it).

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