things you need to know: your favorite actor isn’t sexy unless ‘People’ magazine says so

Attention fangirls and fanboys! Buzzfeed has the important scoop on the Occupy Sexy protest that took over Sixth Avenue in New York City yesterday:

Ryan Gosling Fans Protest Outside People Magazine Headquarters

Celebrity Buzz THIS IS IMPORTANT. BuzzFeed, along with a dozen or so Ryan Gosling fans, protested in front of People Magazine headquarters today for picking Bradley Cooper as the sexiest man alive. WE ARE THE 99%.


Occupy Sexy Occupy Ryan Gosling

Occupy Sexy Occupy Ryan Gosling

(Many more important journalistic truth-telling photos at Buzzfeed.)

These people know the facts that have been hidden from the masses: People isn’t just a magazine. People decides who is sexy and who isn’t. You probably didn’t know that you’re not allowed to get turned on by someone who isn’t this year’s Sexiest Man or Woman Alive (and if you have been, better turn yourself into your local police station pronto). People has been dictating who is sexy and who isn’t for too long.

Better go sign the petition at before you accidentally find yourself becoming a criminal for thinking sexy thoughts about Ryan Gosling. You probably already have!

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