Titanic (new trailer)

Oooo oooo oooo! It’s the exclusive new trailer for 2012’s rerelease of Titanic… in 3D and IMAX!

Seriously, people were excited at the prospect of this trailer. We’ve all seen the movie a dozen times (or at least we may presume that about people who were anticipating this trailer). It offers no new footage, of course. It still ends with the damn boat sinking. It’s not in 3D or IMAX, naturally, because that’s not possible with a trailer you watch on the Web.

I am majorly underwhelmed by this trailer. As one might reasonably expect from a trailer for a rerelease of a film. I’m also really really cheesed off by that “The world’s most beloved and acclaimed film.” I think the movie is brilliant, but come the fuck on.

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