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maryann johanson | #BlackLivesMatter

Adventures in Babysitting (retro trailer)

I haven’t seen this flick since back in the day, but I remember thinking how cool it was that it was about a girl who was calm and competent and funny and exciting in dangerous situations… and it showed that looking after kids was an important job. It’s tough to imagine this movie getting made today like this. Instead, we have The Sitter, which appears to be about humiliating a man by forcing him to take care of children — kids who are of course wholly obnoxious — and then sending him off on a quest (with the kids in tow) to rectify his situation by “manning up” and getting laid. Contrast with the 1987 flick, in which Chris’s misadventures begin because she runs to the aid of a friend.

Who’da thunk the 80s would ever look like a high point in cinema?

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