A Monster in Paris (trailer)

Okay, so… a giant singing flea?

A Monster in Paris

*shrug* I’ve heard weirder ideas.

But this is weird. Doesn’t this guy:

A Monster in Paris

Look a helluva lot like Charles Darwin in The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!/Band of Misfits:

Pirates In an Adventure with Scientists

I’m not suggesting anything untoward. It’s just… wow, this was pretty much all I could think about while watching this trailer.

Oh, and also that the setting — Paris in 1910 — jumped out at me. We’re seeing an awful lot of stuff about the early 20th century lately. I suspect that with the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic upon us and a whole ton of World War I centenaries coming up in the next few years, we’re gonna see a lot more of this.

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