Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (trailer)

Oh ho, it’s wacky cuz with the security system, it’s chickens.

Here’s my guess about the plot of this one: First Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is all, “Hey, come on, everybody, I’ve got this secret map that’s gonna help me find my career again!”

Journey 2 The Mysterious Island

And they find Michael Caine, who is all, “Mate, this is the Island of Washed-Up Actors, you do not want to be here, me old son.”

Journey 2 The Mysterious Island Michael Caine

And then Josh Hutcherson is all, “I’m totally just biding my time till Hunger Games comes out, crazy old dudes, and then I’m outta here!”

Journey 2 The Mysterious Island Josh Hutcherson

And then helicopter pilot gets pooped on.

Crazy fun for everyone.

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