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Saturday cute: adorbs Harry Potter fanart by Katie Cook

Katie Cook likes to draw cute monsters, which she does at webcomic Gronk: A Monster’s Story. She also sometimes draws cute fanart, like her series of totally adorable Harry Potter scenes. Check out these sections from much wider pieces. Warning: they cast an Expelliawwwwmus spell, which compells the viewer to go, Awwwww.
Harry Potter fanart by Katie Cook

Harry Potter fanart by Katie Cook

See the whole illustrations and others at Cook’s deviantArt site. More about Cook and her work at KatieCanDraw.com.

Thanks to Cori for the heads-up.

(Got a photo or image that’s adorable and at least vaguely pop-culture related? Found such a photo online? Send a link or an image, and I might post it!)

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