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The Hobbit is officially more awesome than The Dark Knight Rises

Way To Blue, a London PR agency took a look at the online buzz in response to the recent launches of the trailers for The Hobbit, The Dark Knight Rises, and Prometheus, all of which have been eagerly awaited by the geekerati. (Links here go to those trailers.) Here’s what they found:
Hobbit buzz on Twitter

Way To Blue notes:

The Hobbit is certainly one of the largest responses we have seen from a film property online in the social media era. Comparing the levels of buzz upon trailer launch The Hobbit has reached almost double the levels of noise on Twitter than The Dark Knight Rises. Clearly the core audience for the Tolkien franchise have waited a long time to replenish their large appetites but we are surprised by the differential in Twitter volume from The Dark Knight Rises (which is no slouch either!). Prometheus definitely lacks the overt franchise link in the way these other properties do and it has to work a lot harder given its tenuous reported association. It’s still a strong performance no matter.

Emphasis in the original.

But here’s something intriguing. Bilbo Baggins is officially less awesome than Bane:

Bane The Dark Knight Rises buzz on Twitter

Twitterers seem more interested in talking about Bane than in talking about Bilbo. A fluke in the way that people are talking about both movies? Or is it just another case of the allure of the villain?

Me? I’m definitely more psyched for The Hobbit. But I’m hugely curious about The Dark Knight Rises, too.

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